Friday, February 17, 2012

Mt Haleakala

One Saturday afternoon, we decided out of the blue to go up to the crater on Mt. Haleakala. It is the largest dormant volcano in the world! It's about 10,023 ft above sea level...loooong drive! Once we got to the top we realized we should have planned better because it was freeeeeezing cold!!! We decided to stay up there until the sun set and it was the MOST beautiful sunset I have ever seen. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Baby Ari started Kindergarten this morning! He has been so excited the past few days to start school! It's very bittersweet because I am so happy for him to learn and grow in school but I miss him already! Last night he drew me a picture of all of us, and told me to look at it every time I miss him :) He is the sweetest! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to skoo

Ava started 3rd grade on Wednesday!!! :) She looked so cute, I can't believe how fast this year is going!! Two days into school and she got the highest test results of all the kids in her class!! So proud of her :)

After we took Ava to school, Ari and I went to the doctor so he could get caught up on his shots. He had to get five shots :( But now he is ready to start kindergarten, hopefully on Monday! 

I took Ari to the store and let him pick out a prize for getting so many shots. Let me just say, it took like 2 hours for us to put this together!!! haha Who knew lego's could be so complicated! 


Last weekend Andy and Ava went out surfing together!! Ava is loving it and is always asking to go out.  We found a hidden area of the cove that isn't visible from the road and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves :) Ari and I played around while they went out and caught some waves. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day out!!! :)


Friday, July 15, 2011

Piano Lessons!

Last month, Andy bought me a digital piano!! It made me SOOO happy! The past couple weeks, I have been giving piano lessons to Andy and Ava and they are both doing amazing!!!! Ava wanted to share what she has been working on this week! Hope you enjoy :)

May Day Program

When Ava's school year got out, they put on a HUGE May Day Program. It was quite a big deal! There were so many parents and friends in the crowd, it was packed! And SO hot out!!! They had a May Day Queen, Princesses and Princes! The girl who got crowned Queen did a beautiful Hawaiian dance for everyone. Each class performed while they sang and danced. Ava's classes theme was from the 50's! They all had to dress up and they sang Twist and Shout, it was a lot fun. 

Lovin' Summmerrrr